7 questions we have after watching the Downton Abbey film trailer 2 years ago

7 questions we have after watching the Downton Abbey film trailer

We've been expecting you...

And this film for a long time, to be quite honest.


Yesterday, the official trailer for the Downton Abbey film dropped. An exciting time for all involved, especially those who simply cannot get enough of the harsh trials and tribulations of upper class English life.

Fans of the original series may remember just where the show left us at the end of season six.

Lady Mary announced her pregnancy. Carson had to retire after being diagnosed with palsy. Carson decided he didn't want to retire after all even though he probably should. Lady Edith got married. Anna had a baby.

And then, after that, we knows?

Except now, come September 13, we may know exactly what happened to Cora, Robert, Mary, Carson and all the rest of them.

Or at least, we'll know what happens to them when King George V and Queen Mary come to visit.


How fancy. 

Until then though, we have a few burning questions about the film's official trailer, the answers to which we may never find out but sure look, we need something to get us through the week.

1. Will Maggie Smith ever take off her hat? 

As you may or may not know, Maggie Smith's character in Downton Abbey is a total wagon. She's sassy, argumentative, and absolutely takes no shit.

This is no doubt set to continue in the upcoming film, as Smith boldly declares in the trailer: "You talk as if that were easy" when asked to remove her hat.


What a scoundrel. 

2. Who gave Lady Mary the severe bob? 

And how is she working it so well?


3. Who is going to ride? 

Because somebody will. They have to.

There are a couple of potential shouts as to who is going to get down and dirty in the feature-length instalment of the show.


Tom and your one who he's actively eyeing up. Lady Mary and her husband, Henry. Beryl and one of the royal family's cooks.

Anything is possible.

4. Will the butlers ever settle their drama? 

If there is one thing that's clear from the Downton Abbey trailer it's that there is going to be a shit load of butler and cook-based drama.

The royal family's own butler and cook service are obviously planning on showing up to the estate to ensure that everything's entirely up to scratch before the King and Queen arrive.

Understandably, there will be clashes. There will be brawls. There will be overt sexual tension across both sides of the fence.

It's all kicking off.

5. Is Carson really OK with still working even though he's visibly unwell? 

Somebody get that man a union.

6. Is Tom going to continue to be as much of a dog as he has been in previous seasons? 

Just kidding, we all know the answer to this question.

(It's yes.)

7. So, is there going to be a sequel, or? 

You can check out the full trailer for the Downton Abbey film here: