This year's The Great British Bake Off contestants have been revealed 5 months ago

This year's The Great British Bake Off contestants have been revealed

On your marks, get set, BAKE.

Or, failing that, at least get excited for this year's series of the most delicious programme on TV - because it's back next week.

The Great British Bake Off 2019 will be returning to Channel 4 for its third year at 8pm on August 27.

But before that, let us get all excited for what's to come by eagerly viewing the promo shots of this year's contestants and silently judging them before we have even met them.


Here they are.


Age: 32

Job: Support worker

Lives: Rotherham

Interesting fact: Made his own wedding cake.


Age: 28

Job: Veterinary surgeon

Lives in: Somerset

Interesting fact: Keeps ducks and chickens!


Age: 28

Job: Shop assistant

Lives in: Chester

Interesting fact: Likes to make healthier food containing less sugar and more veggies.


Age: 40

Job: Online project manager

Lives in: Leeds

Interesting fact: Won a baking competition at work once.


Age: 20

Job: Part-time waiter

Lives in: Surrey

Interesting fact: Has an identical twin.


Age: 24

Job: Fashion designer

Lives in: London

Interesting fact: Has been baking for 19 years, somehow.


Age: 36

Job: International health adviser

Lives in: London

Interesting fact: Is worried he won't have enough time to practice.


Age: 28

Job: Geography teacher

Lives in: London

Interesting fact: Uses cakes to teach her students - fair play.


Age: 20

Job: Student

Lives in: Durham

Interesting fact: Started baking at the age of 12.


Age: 35

Job: Print shop administrator

Lives in: Tenby, Wales

Interesting fact: A fan of experimental flavours.


Age: 56

Job: HGV driver

Lives in: Rainham

Interesting fact: Only started baking six years ago!


Age: 34

Job: Marketing consultant

Lives in: Leicester

Interesting fact: A big fan of vegans bakes. Same, hun.


Age: 26

Job: Theatre manager and fitness instructor

Lives in: Stratford-upon-Avon

Interesting fact: Was taught to bake by his mother. Bless.

The Great British Bake Off returns on August 27 on Channel 4 at 8pm.