You can now get a Grey's Anatomy candle that smells of McDreamy 8 months ago

You can now get a Grey's Anatomy candle that smells of McDreamy

Because of course you can.

Remember years ago when all anybody could talk about was Grey's Anatomy?

Sure, there were other things mildly worthy of discussion, but if the conversation didn't naturally swing back around to whether you were a McDreamy or a McSteamy girl then life wasn't really worth living.

And although those days might be long gone (yes, it's still on the air, and no, it's not as good), the memories stay forever.

In our minds, in our boxsets, and in this delicious candle you can buy off Etsy that actually sells like McDreamy.

Or, so we're told.

The candle, made by a lovely woman named Sandrine, gives off a delightful odour of "fresh Seattle breeze off the ferry boat on a beautiful day to save lives."

Sounds legit, yeah.

The soy wax candle also comes with an optional gift box upgrade that includes a set of Grey's Anatomy pencils as well as a nice little match box so you can light your McDreamy candle all the live long day.

Basically, it's a decent product and we would like our entire home to smell as such.

The candle, tragically, doesn't ship to Ireland at the moment, which means that we'll have to settle with regular old IKEA candles for the time being.

Still though, you can check it out here, if you're any way that inclined.