You'll soon be able to dine in luxury on the way to visit the real Downton Abbey 1 year ago

You'll soon be able to dine in luxury on the way to visit the real Downton Abbey

And it'll only cost you 650 quid. Bargain.

The Downton Abbey movie is out soon.


Like, really soon.

Like, next month soon, meaning that we've only got a few weeks left before we're sitting in a darkened room, popcorn in hand, learning all about the latest grievances the Crawley family are facing.

Can't wait.

And while the arrival of the movie is all kinds of engaging and exciting, there's another Downton Abbey based event that is just as - if not more - enthralling.

Travelling down to actual Downton Abbey, having your lunch and dinner en route, and basically being treated like royalty for the entire trip.

Sound delightful? Of course it does - and you can be there experiencing it all yourself too.


If you've got a sneaky $650 (€587) quid to spare.

No bother to you.

The experience is being run by rail company Belmond British Pullman, who are going to bring a limited number of guests down to Downton (real name: Highclere Castle) next year.

The trips will takes place in March and September 2020 and will involve a luxurious trip down the British countryside via train, an exclusive tour of the stunning castle and its grounds, and two glorious three-course meals on board the train.


Highclere was built in 1793 and is currently the home of the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon.

The estate runs guided tours of both the building and the gardens, as well as access to its Egyptian exhibition.

Lots to do, lots to see.

You can find out more about Belmond's railway experiences here.