10 strikingly beautiful baby girl names you will absolutely adore 3 years ago

10 strikingly beautiful baby girl names you will absolutely adore

When Shakespeare said 'what’s in a name,' he, for sure, had not had to struggle through the ordeal of finding the exact perfect name for his baby.

Because names, as you all know, matter, mamas. And it can feel overwhelming to try and find one that is unique enough for your baby.


I mean; you want a name that helps her stand out, but at the same time not one she will hate in a few years time.

Need some inspiration? Here are 10 names we think are not only unusual and beautiful, but that will also stand the test of time:

1. Vida

Primarily a French name, Vida actually means 'life' in Spanish.


2. Indie

We love the slight bohemian vibe this name has.

3. Raine

Uncommon as a name (yet), the word 'raine' is said to mean 'strong', meaning it is the perfect moniker for your little bundle.


4. Naya

Naya is both an Arabic and Sanskrit name that means 'new'.

5. Cala

Cala is more commonly used in Muslim countries and is said to mean 'castle'.


6. Arwen

After the elven princess from the Lord of the Rings.

7. Skye

We love this name so, so much.

8. Cairi


Cairi is a Japanese name which means loyal.

9. Elin

Elin is a popular first name for girls in Sweden and Norway and is said to mean 'light'.

10. Saylor

We love how this masculine word makes for such a gorgeous name for a girl.

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