Ever Had an Argument with a Friend Over Your Children? You’re Not The Only One! 7 years ago

Ever Had an Argument with a Friend Over Your Children? You’re Not The Only One!

As women we can sometimes be very judgmental about our friend’s parenting choices but a whopping one third of us have fallen out with a friend after arguing about our kids.

The majority of parents revealed that they argued when their friend criticised a parenting decision, and one fifth revealed that they were upset that a friend had told off one of their children.

Meanwhile, 23 per cent of parents confessed to taking their child’s side in an argument with a friend, while just under a quarter of those polled fell out with a friend after questioning their parenting decision.

The study, which was conducted by British company MyVouchers.co.uk, polled 1,358 parents about their relationships with other parents.

Parents fall out with their friends over their parenting decisions

Mark Pearson, chairman of the company said: “It can be uncomfortable when you get yourself in this situation as a parent, as different views on parenting choices in particular can cause disagreements between friends; and nobody wants to hear that they’re making the wrong choice when it comes to their children."

"There’s a thin line between giving an opinion and criticising, and it’s completely normal to be more sensitive and protective when talking about your own children.

“What works best for one family might not suit another, and it’s best not to fall out over a difference of opinion. As for telling your friend’s children off, I can see why so many people feel uncomfortable with it.

"Discipline is a personal choice for each parent, so if you don’t think your friend would like you telling off their child, maybe take the safer route and wait until they’re home to do it for you!” he said.

Have you ever fallen out with a friend over your kids?