4 places you can get a pumpkin spiced latte this weekend that aren't Starbucks 4 weeks ago

4 places you can get a pumpkin spiced latte this weekend that aren't Starbucks

Now is the time to start appreciating the small things again, like pumpkin spiced lattes.

Small things that keep me happy during these colder months are warmer clothes, nice walks, hot fires and also pumpkins.

I love pumpkins - they're bright and they come in all sizes. I think they just always remind me of simpler times, when the pumpkins were out it meant it wasn't long until we could get dressed up and knock on doors for free treats. The good old days!

Pumpkin spiced food was more of an American thing but lately it's made its way here to our shores and I'm all for it. Now you can get pumpkin spiced lattes in local coffee shops and you can even get homemade pumpkin pie.

If you're into pumpkin spiced lattes or you've been dying to try one then here are a few places that do them in Dublin. Also I will be calling pumpkin spiced lattes PSLs from here on out, because it's much easier and I am basic.

I asked my Instagram followers where is the best place to get pumpkin tasting things and these are the places that were mentioned. All of the places below are also open for business, alongside the new Covid restrictions.

Lotts and Co


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#New Pumpkin Spiced Latte ? Homemade pumpkin syrup whipped cream with homemade gingerbread crumb sprinkled on top! ?

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You can grab a PSL here and they also stock the real pumpkin puree that you can buy to add to your pie ingredients if you plan on making one at home. I've tried pumpkin pie before with a marshmallow topping and it was delicious.



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“a sunday well spent, brings a week of content” ✨ . . . ? @perksofisha ? model @martinbdnsk

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The little coffee shop beside the Ballaly Luas stop is a cute local place that has jumped on the pumpkin spice bandwagon, go show your support and get festive as a pumpkin here!

Sam's Goatstown

You can get your regular coffees here and some delicious sandwiches too, but if you want to go all out Halloween and try an PSL then pop in to this local and warm up with some pumpkin.

Fallon & Byrne

Fallon & Byrne also make some delicious PSLs to go and if you want a pie you will want to pop in here.

According to my Instagram followers they are the most delicious pies you can get in Dublin and not far off what you would get in America if you were there for a traditional Thanksgiving.