A 24-hour cheese vending machine exists and we need one in our home 2 years ago

A 24-hour cheese vending machine exists and we need one in our home


Like, just imagine.


Picture the scene, if you will - you're chilling out in your home, you're feeling a bit peckish, the food of choice on your mind is a bit of cheese.

In order to fulfil this craving, you pop over to your own personal cheese vending machine, lash in a bit of cash, and out comes a stunning wheel of the cheesey goodness of your choosing.


We know, we know, what we're basically describing is a fridge that you've got to pay money for everytime you want to use it but whatever, the novelty is there and we appreciate it.

Also, it would probably get better use out and about on the town but honestly, the location here is irrelevant.

What is relevant is that a cheese vending machine exists... and we need to avail of its uses right away.


The vending machine in question was spotted by Twitter user Alastair Instone and it contained everything from fondue to raclette.

Oh, and it opened 24-hours a day.

Can it get much better than that?


No, is the answer. It cannot.

Alastair spotted his beloved vending machine in Switzerland and it wasn't long before people began sharing their own experiences of coming across similar food-based vending machines that don't just sell chocolate or crisps.

In Switzerland again, there was this beef tartare machine.


This fresh fish machine in Barcelona.


And this prosecco vending machine in Veneto.

Technology really has come so, so far.