Ireland's weirdest pizza orders have us absolutely weak 1 year ago

Ireland's weirdest pizza orders have us absolutely weak

What the...?!

We all have strange little quirks, but after reading a few weird pizza orders we really have to wonder... U OK hun?


Pizza is one of our favourite things to eat, however we'd be completely turned off if one of these landed in front of us.

Deliveroo recently counted down the top 10 most ordered pizzas in Ireland, but before that, they looked at the weirdest orders... and they're really something:

The Roast Pizza

We all love our mammy's Sunday roast, but this is taking it to another level. Deliveroo revealed that someone in Cork opted out of traditional toppings and instead requested that roast chicken and carrots be added to his pizza.

Sweet and savoury

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a sweet pizza. Add some chocolate, marshmallows, white choco chips and strawberries and we'd lap it up. However, one Deliveroo customer in Ballsbridge asked for his chocolate dessert pizza to be topped with chilli flakes. As you do.

Ketchup pizza


Pizza sauce is not ketchup. You might dip your pizza in it but it's not the main sauce. End of. One individual near Stephen's Green though asked for their pizza sauce to be replaced with ketchup and we think it's a travesty.

The chipper pizza

We honestly think this one came back from a night out and thought they were ordering a chipper.... because why would you even? A customer in Tallaght ordered a pizza and in the request notes said 'put plenty of salt and vinegar on it'. OK, mate.

The stinker

Listen, we're not opposed to stinky food. Give us all the garlic in the world and we'll happily add it to every meal. However, one Donnybrook customer decided to add tuna, anchovies, basil and garlic to their pizza... and can you imagine what their breath smelled like afterwards?



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With all the weird pizzas out of the way, it's time to move on to the most popular. These ones are super delish and we'd order them at any time:

  1. Margherita from Sano Pizza, Dublin
  2. The Spicy Devil from Fallon & Byrne, Dublin
  3. American from Milano, Galway
  4. Frida from Tom Barry's, Cork
  5. Pepperoni from Pete's, Dublin
  6. Diablo from Calzones by Tiger, Dublin
  7. Prosciutto E Funghi from Wallace's Asti, Dublin
  8. Margherita from Venice Restaurant, Galway
  9. Pepperoni from McGinn's Hophouse,Galway
  10. Picantte from North Wood Fire Pizza, Dublin