It turns out ‘liver friendly’ vodka might actually be a thing 1 year ago

It turns out ‘liver friendly’ vodka might actually be a thing

Say what?!

So, an Indian researcher named Harsha Chigurupati created a compound that claims to help protect our precious liver against damage caused by alcohol. Splendid!

The compound is made up of potassium sorbate, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory properties from the liquorice root (mmm…), glycyrrhizin and a diuretic that eliminates some toxins from the body. The compound is called NTX – or ‘no-tox’. Interesting…


But is it too good to be true? Just imagine folks getting plastered and with no health consequences… for their liver anyway.

The company called Chigurupati Technologies (yes, Harsha owns that one) maintains that NTX provides anti-inflammatory properties, reduces alcohol induced liver damage, helps the liver to preserve its enzyme production and therefore, reduces the chances of alcohol related liver diseases.

According to the Daily Mail, although Chigurupati brought his product to the Alcohol and Tobacco and Trade Bureau (TTB) in the US, his petition to help him break into the alcohol market was denied.

The bureau claimed; “…the proposed labelling and advertising statements create a misleading impression that consumption of alcohol beverages infused with NTX will protect consumers from certain serious health risks associated with both moderate and heavy levels of alcohol consumption.”

A study funded by Chigurupati’s company found NTX reduced liver damage by 93 percent when looking at indicators that compared those who drank regular vodka with those who consumed vodka infused with NTX.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Ramon Bataller, a professor at the University of Pittsburgh claimed that the diuretic effect of the mannitol is a cause for concern as this is the same drug used to reduce pressure after brain trauma.

Hmm... maybe we'll just stick to what we know.