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Nutella PASTA is now a thing and it looks weirdly delicious
Just LOOK at it

A large plate for us please.

We often struggle with choosing from sweet and savoury dishes. Sometimes you want something cheesy and other times you just want a pile of sugary candy.

What's a girl to do.

Well, you could try this bizarre concoction of Nutella pasta.

Yep, hailing from Australia's Carosello restaurant, a new item has hit the menu and we're very intrigued.

The dish is smothered with the chocolate spread and Frangelico, a herb-infused liqueur.


As well as that, it is garnished with white chocolate, mint, almonds, and raspberries.

Carosello is one of two restaurants in Australia that serves the sweet and savoury dish, with the other being Tella Balls Dessert Bar, a Nutella-themed restaurant.

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We might just try to whip this up ourselves at home...

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