Pinterest has predicted what you're going to be eating in 2018 4 years ago

Pinterest has predicted what you're going to be eating in 2018

It's that time of the year again.

Pinterest is doing a round-up of all things "trending" as it wraps up another weird and wonderful year.


Taking statistics based on what you're clicking and viewing, the platform predicts what will be the biggest trends for the upcoming year.

And it looks like we are going to be chomping down on some unlikely foods.

Here's the data they have compiled from your browsing.

1. Edamame beans and snap peas


Yep, it looks like peas and beans are going to be a big treat for 2018. Replacing the avocado, we will see plenty of pea products on the horizon. Who knows, we could be obsessed with this snack come the end of 2018.

2. Protein coffee

Coffees packed full of nutrients are expected to dominate early next year. We have already seen a rise in Tumeric lattes this month and now "health coffees" packed with protein airport are expected to be everywhere (watch this space).


3. Vegan desserts

As more people opt for a veggie lifestyle, it seems plant based treats are becoming a firm favourite with everyone. Even if you aren't a vegan, you will be surprised by how delish these desserts are, with more and more people opting for them over dairy based sweet treats.


4. Soup

OK, so this isn't a new trend however, Pinterest believes that juicing will be firmly replaced with "souping" in 2018, with more people than ever before turning to the humble bowl of soup.

5. Ghee

A clarified butter which originated in India and is practically good with anything and everything. Now, it's growing in popularity in Europe. Ghee on toast anyone?


6. Mocktails

Don't worry, we are not saying that alcohol is going out of trend but, the study did find that we will see rise in non-alcoholic cocktails. Elderflower and sparkling water lunch dates it is.