WIN a steak and wine dinner for two at 1900 Restaurant this bank holiday 2 months ago

WIN a steak and wine dinner for two at 1900 Restaurant this bank holiday

Brought to you by 1900 Restaurant.

Well, that's Paddy's Dinner sorted.

Has anyone got anything special planned for Paddy's Day? A few lovely nibbles somewhere? A fancy dinner?

We thought not. Somehow food always seems to get put on the back burner when planning Paddy's weekend (we wonder why...). This definitely shouldn't be the case though. I mean, it's a bank holiday - what better time to treat yourself to a delicious meal?

Don't all panic at once trying to think of where to go because we have actually found a fab bank holiday deal being offered in 1900 Restaurant that sounds just about perfect.

1900 are offering their extremely sizeable tomahawk steak along with a glass of wine for just €28 per person. You'll definitely be stuffed for the night after this feast. The perfect end to Paddy's Day.

This offer isn't just for Paddy's Day - it's being offered on every bank holiday Sunday for the entire year (that sounds like the start of a tradition). Paddy's bank holiday is when they're kicking it all off though, so make sure to pop in at the weekend if you want to be ahead of the game.

To celebrate the day that's in it, 1900 Restaurant have decided to give two lucky people out there this scrumptious meal absolutely free (woohoo!). So if this sounds like the meal for you, just fill in the form below to be in with a chance to win. Now all you have to do is choose your date.

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Brought to you by 1900 Restaurant.

1900 wants to help make your bank holiday amazing with their tomahawk steak for 2 offer which includes a glass of wine. This offer is available from 4-9:30pm on bank holiday Sundays starting in march.