Here's one simple way to improve your posture 5 years ago

Here's one simple way to improve your posture

Are you constantly hunched over?

You can blame it on desk jobs, on constantly looking down at your phone, or on genetics, but regardless of the reason, so many of us have bad posture.


We all know that different types of exercise can improve this, for example, yoga has long been recommended to increase flexibility and improve posture.

Sleeping habits are also said to have a major effect on your posture, we are encouraged to sleep on our back or side rather than our stomachs, and to only use one pillow to avoid straining our neck.

But one surprising way to improve your postures starts with your underwear. Lets be honest, many of us wear bras that don't fit us right and only ever get measured once in a blue moon.

But it turns out that wearing the wrong bra is worse for you than it simply looking lumpy under your t-shirt.


 “The majority of women are wearing the wrong-sized bras and sports bras,”

“If you’re one of them, it can compress your thorax, which is going to make flexibility a problem, or it won’t give you enough support and the weight of your chest will alter your posture.” Paula Moore, a Toronto-based chiropractic expert told StrongFitnessMag.

She recommends getting fitted by an expert, which most of us haven't done since we were 12, but it really is worth it.

She also adds that although there are bras designed to specifically improve your posture, she is sceptical of these, due to lack of research and science behind the product.

So you don't need a special expensive posture bra, just one that fits right.