A new birth control for men could be on the way soon 4 years ago

A new birth control for men could be on the way soon

It's about time.

A new form of contraception for men could be on our shelves in a few short years if all goes to plan.


Vasalgel is gel that is injected into the vas deferens (the tube sperm swim through) and blocks sperm. The quick procedure is similar to No-Scalpel Vasectomy (NSV), except the doctor injects the vas deferens with gel, instead of cutting it.

It is also said to be easily reversed and not permanent like other forms of contraception.

Though there has been talk of Vasalgel for years, a new study has brought it closer to being a reality.

The University of California researchers tested the gel on 16 adult male monkeys.

After rejoining their female counterparts they began mating, but none of the females became pregnant over the course of the study which was two full breeding periods.

It may still be years before we see it on shelves, if at all, because there is still a lot to go through. The product needs a lot of funding to then to be tested on humans and be approved.


Women have countless options when it comes to contraception, so it's about time men had more options too.