Survey Reveals Majority Of Irish Women Are Wrong About The Age Menopause Can Start 6 years ago

Survey Reveals Majority Of Irish Women Are Wrong About The Age Menopause Can Start


When it comes to menopause, it would appear some aspects remain "taboo", as a recent survey revealed women are still uninformed about the milestone.


Research conducted by Vichy examining menopause revealed some alarming results, including the fact that seven in ten women didn't actually realise they were going through "the change".

As well as this, a whopping sixty-three per cent of women surveyed were wrong about the expected age for menopause to start - they answered from age 50 to 54, however for more than one-third of women, menopause starts as early as 45.

Doctor with female patient 1 in 10 women find out they are menopausal from their healthcare professional. 

Speaking at the launch of the Vichy Neovadiol ‘No Pause at Menopause’ study, Aisling Grimely, founder of My Second Spring which is an online community in Ireland for menopausal women, said:

“Despite the huge social progress we’ve seen in Ireland even this year, Menopause remains a taboo topic and the more information that women can access, the better.

"Menopause started for me at 48 and I found myself utterly unprepared and a little surprised that I had reached that stage of my life. 

"An internet  search left me disappointed with how little information was available to women in Ireland – and so ‘My Second Spring’ was born and now has 7,000 visitors each month. 


"The Vichy Neovadiol ‘No Pause at Menopause’ study has succeeded in shining a spotlight on an important life stage for the thousands of women going through the menopause in Ireland today and I am delighted to support the campaign.”