Are you taking part in the WellGood challenge? If not, we suggest you jump on board now 1 year ago

Are you taking part in the WellGood challenge? If not, we suggest you jump on board now

Brought to you by KBC Bank Ireland.

So, we've reached the halfway mark.


The WellGood challenge, a collaboration between KBC and WellFest, is halfway through and we've already started to feel some of the changes.

We're feeling a bit more relaxed, a bit more in control of our lives, and, most importantly, a lot less daunted about the idea of getting that exercise in.

We've started making exercise, healthy eating, and mindful thinking a part of our everyday lives and it has been a surprisingly easy transition. It's not done yet though - we still have another week and a half to go and it turns out we're actually looking forward to it.

As we follow the KBC WellGood calendar, we've been taking part in various activities specifically designed to make us feel tip top.

We started off the challenge setting out our intentions for the following 21 days (and also for the rest of the year). We wanted to get ourselves into some generally healthier lifestyle habits and get rid of some of that everyday stress. If you're only starting the challenge now, make sure to set out your intentions - having a goal to aspire to does wonders to focus your mind and it makes it much easier to factor in those daily activities.

So far, we've tried out some basic yoga poses with Lee Tracey, who showed us how to properly master the most common yoga poses that crop up in most yoga classes. She then took us through an entire morning yoga workout on Day 5 where we were able to try out our (newly learnt for some) poses.


We also made an absolutely DELISH veggie noodle curry with Roz Purcell (a one pot recipe - yay for less cleaning up!) and an utterly scrumptious baked banana oat brunch (drooling at the memory).

It's not all downward dogs and sun salutations - we've also had some higher intensity exercises with Philly McMahon to give our muscles a good workout. But then we've been able to follow them with a podcast led by Gerry Hussey or a meal inspired by Orla Walsh's dietary advice, so it all balances out in the end. All in all, the challenge has been SO much easier than we expected.

There are plenty more activities and yummy recipes (woohoo!) to come over the next week and a half, and we're so ready to feel even more superb.

We have no doubt that WellGood will have us more than prepared for WellFest 2019, which is being held in the Royal Hospital Kilmainham on 11 and 12 May (we're so excited!). Make sure to visit the KBC WellGood tent at the festival, where you'll meet ambassadors from the WellGood programme and loads more special guests.


You can check out all the WellGood activities on the WellFest website and you can find the challenge calendar here. Our very own Áine and Matthew have been following along with the challenges and you can check them out on Instagram.

If you aren't already taking part in the challenge we suggest you sign up pronto (it's completely free!). You'll feel fantastic in no time.

Brought to you by KBC Bank Ireland.