What to drink to combat bloating during your period 6 years ago

What to drink to combat bloating during your period

Feeling those familiar tell-tale cramps is a sign that TOM is on the way and this usually means we're reaching for chocolate and a hot water bottle at the same time.

While the pain that accompanies that time of the month is bad enough, there's a couple of unwanted side effects too.



Bloating is one and while there's the usual routine tips and tricks, we recently came across one that we hadn't heard before.

Rather than reach for a pick-me-up energy drink, milk is what you should choose when on your period.

A study conducted in 2005 found that women who drank four or more servings of low-fat/skim milk, 46% to be exact, had a much lower risk of PMS symptoms.


If milk really isn't your thing, then Byrdie recommends herbal teas because this can help to cut down on the water retention that goes hand in hand with TOM.


However, some of us can't stand milk or herbal tea (this Her staffer falls into that category) and it seems that good old-fashioned water is just as beneficial.

It can help to banish bloating and is also necessary for relieving constipation which is another side-effect associated with period pain.