9 very small animals that'd be absolutely perfect as an office pet 1 year ago

9 very small animals that'd be absolutely perfect as an office pet

A day spent without working next to an animal is a day not spent working at all.

That's the way the very popular saying goes... or something.

Acquiring an office pet is something that every workplace should strive to achieve.

There are a variation of reasons for this including increased employee satisfaction, far more work being done, and just getting to look at a cute animal wander around all day.

Here at Her, we've recently acquired our own office pet. Her name is Lexi and she is a small dog. She's great.

And so in light of that, here's a list of animals that would make the perfect office pet.

No, they're not all dogs.

1. Dog 

The obvious choice, but one that should not be overlooked or ignored.

Dogs are beautiful and their presence in the office is absolutely guaranteed to increase productivity as well as general happiness.

It's been proven. Science says so. 

2. Rabbit 

Rabbits are soft and small and very special.

They will chew every single wire in your workplace and they won't give a f*ck, but who among us truly wouldn't want to have them around 24/7?

3. Ferret

See above.

4. Guinea pig

Like a rabbit but smaller and rounder. Ideal office scenario.

5. Chinchilla 

The guys are adorable and we won't have a bad word said about them.

Can you get one in Ireland? Probably not.

Should this stop you from pining for one? Absolutely no.

6. Canary 

Imagine one of these lads just flying around the gaff while you worked on your eighth spreadsheet of the day.

So relaxing.

7. Hedgehog 

Just don't lose him anywhere.

8. Turtle

They're slow but God, if they're not precious.

9. Goldfish 

Very low maintenance.