12-Year Old Indian Girl Repeatedly Raped And Set On Fire By Attacker 7 years ago

12-Year Old Indian Girl Repeatedly Raped And Set On Fire By Attacker

A 12-year old girl was allegedly repeatedly raped for eight days, before being set on fire by her attacker after she threatened to tell her parents she was being abused.

According to the Indian Express, the girl died in hospital on Thursday morning with her body covered in 95 percent burns. It is believed her alleged attacker poured kerosene over her at her house in the Sherpur region of Punjab.


The newspaper detailed a medical examination performed on the girl before her death that confirmed she was being brutally raped. She had made a statement to the magistrate naming a 19-year old as her attacker, saying he had made threats to kill her parents if she revealed the truth of the rapes.

RS Cheema, assistant commissioner of police south, told the Indian Express:

“The girl used to stay at home and the accused was teasing her for days.

“She was being repeatedly raped since 8-10 days and she did not reveal it to her parents. Yesterday, she decided to tell to her parents but before that Sunil poured kerosene on her and set her ablaze.”


Reports from The Independent claim the girl’s family staged a protest with her dead body, blocking traffic in the local streets demanding the alleged attacker’s arrest.

While his father and brothers have been arrested, the named suspect is still “at large”.