17 Weird Cleaning Tips That Actually Work 10 years ago

17 Weird Cleaning Tips That Actually Work

Mayonnaise has more powers than we realised.

The saucy sandwich companion can do almost ANYTHING... and there's a few other tricks of the trade in the next 17 tips too. 


If you've a stain, spill, dog hair-covered couch or scummy bathroom, no fear, the world's 17 most bizarre cleaning tricks are here. And they all work. Promise. 

1. Lemon juice can be used for stains and rust on plastic.

2. Remove water-marks from wooden surfaces with a small amount of mayonnaise or toothpaste on a damp cloth.


3. If your kid has showed off their creativity by marking the wall with their fingertips, rub slightly moist, stale white bread onto the area. Bam, it's gone.

4. If your toilet has hard water marks, pour in some cola and leave for an hour before flushing.

5. Rub plant leaves with a small amount of mayonnaise (yup, more mayonnaise) on a small piece of tissue and have them shining for weeks.

6. Vodka can be used on a soft clean cloth to shine up porcelain, chrome or glass.


Lady here obviously doesn't know about the vodka trick. 

7. Mix rice with a water/vinegar solution and pour into vases, bottles or hard to reach areas. Shake vigorously and rinse out.

8. If your shower curtain is sticking to the rail, rub hair conditioner onto it and the rings will move smoothly.


9. Ripen green tomatoes by storing them in a paper bag with a ripe apple for a couple of days. Magic...

Yes, yes, it is. 

10. Speed up clogged ketchup by putting a straw into the bottle.

11. Unsure if your cake is baked? Insert a spaghetti stick into the centre of the cake. If there's moist batter on it when you pull it out, the cake needs to bake for longer.


12. If your dog or cat have been playing on the couch or the car seats, there's probably hair everywhere. Rub a rubber glove over the upholstery an the hair will stick to the glove and come right off.

13. Clean a bathroom mirror with shaving cream and wipe it away with a cloth. It will defog the mirror after showers.

14. If your car paint work has been chipped, dab the chipped area with a spot of clear nail varnish until you can repaint it.

15. If you're looking for a cheap recipe book holder, why not hang a pants hanger from the presses and clip the hanger around the book.

Clever, huh? Pic: imgur

16. For a mess-free pancake experience, store batter in ketchup bottle. It's easy-peasy to pour out.

And for when that's all done and the wine comes out... 

17. A creative way to keep wine chilled is to add freezed grapes to the glass. Yummy.

Frozen grapes can keep your wine cool. Pic: thatish.com