8 Podcasts You Should Listen To On Your Journey To Work 3 years ago

8 Podcasts You Should Listen To On Your Journey To Work

There's nothing worse than sitting in traffic, stewing with rage as cars crawl along. The best remedy for passing the time during a grim gridlock situation is listening to a good podcast.

The minutes will fly by as you are kept entertained and you can also learn on the go with plenty of educational offerings available.

I've put together a list of eight of the best for your listening pleasure. Just click on the titles:

Stuff Mom Never Told You

This is a fantastically well researched podcast from HowStuffWorks that deals with anything and everything to do with being a woman. The hosts Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin cover a huge range of topics from waist training and Hollywood's first female filmmakers to why there's such pressure on celebrity mothers to lose weight after a baby .

CC_backtobackCaroline and Cristen - (Source:Farwell)

Planet Money

An NPR produced podcast, Planet Money is a well of information and the subjects vary from the history of Coca Cola to what happens to your clothes after you donate them to charity.

Desert Island Discs

Running since 1942,  this iconic BBC radio show has amazing celebrity guests on speaking to host Kirsty Young about their favourite albums of all time. This often leads to very funny, poignant and heartbreaking results. Guests have included Lily Allen and Russell Brand.

Kirsty-Young-in-Crimewatc-006Host Kirsty Young- (Source: The Guardian)

Welcome To Night Vale

This spooky podcast is so popular it has even spawned a series of live shows. Consistently on best podcast lists years in a row, there's a very good reason for its success. Set in the fictional town of Night Vale, it's full of eerie conspiracy theories and creepy goings on. Maybe don't listen to this one after dark.

Gilmore Guys

If you're a fan of the iconic mother daughter TV series Gilmore Girls you have to listen to this podcast. Started last year by superfan Kevin T. Porter and first timer Demi Adejuyigbe, the show has absolutely skyrocketed in popularity with live shows being held all across America. To be honest even if you aren't a fan the guests and hosts have hands down created the most entertaining podcast of recent years.

lead_largeDemi and Kevin- Source: The Atlantic

An Irishman Abroad

Irish funnyman Jarlath Regan hosts and interviews some brilliant guests in an in depth, long form way. Guests have included Colm O' Gorman  and Jamie Heaslip. It's hilarious and often very touching.


 Recorded at WNYC a New York Public radio station, this podcast has won multiple awards and it's easy to see why. Hosted by Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, they cover fascinating topics from who processes your orders on Amazon to how doctors measure their patient's pain.

WNYC_Radiolab_logo.svgSource: Wikipedia

This American Life

A classic, but for a reason. This podcast has some of the funniest, saddest and most inspirational stories out there and many of the episodes will leave you needing a box of tissues. Harper High School, their series centre around a disadvantaged school in Chicago's gang riddled South Side is a must listen.

Featured Image: CupofJo