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More than 9,000 people are buying this French castle together and it is goals
V jel.

A group project if we ever saw one.

Have you ever just wanted to buy yourself a castle?

Of course you have - it's everybody's dream, however fleeting, to own their own giant castle with a moat and a butler and secret trap doors that conveniently open to plunge your enemies into total darkness and imminent death, maybe.

Castles though, as we know, are a bit pricey so it's probably fair to say that none of us are going to be able to afford one by ourselves anytime soon.

That doesn't mean, however, that the dream is dead.

It doesn't have to be because over 9,000 people are coming together to buy this castle in France and it looks fancy af.

The Château de la Mothe-Chandeniers has been out of sorts for quite some time.

So when a crowdsourcing group dedicated to refurbishing old buildings asked people to chip in and purchase the castle, they were, of course, only delighted.


The 9,427 people (so far) won't all be able to go live in the castle after its done up, but they will be allowed to go visit and see what their money has created.

Over €760,000 has already been raised too, so it's probably safe to say that this refurbishment is going to be very impressive indeed.

Fair play, lads.

Fair play.

Images via Dartagnans.


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