A Condom Cookbook? Yes, It’s A Real Thing 8 years ago

A Condom Cookbook? Yes, It’s A Real Thing

If you’re a fan of cooking, and safe sex, this might (ok we’re doubtful too) be the cook book for you.

The book ‘Condom Meals I Want To Make For You’ contains 11 recipes… all based on using a condom as a typical cooking device (rather than a nightstand essential.)


condom cookbook

So what’s on the menu when cooking with a condom?

According to Metro UK, the book features recipes such as condom escargot cooked in butter for lovers of French dining, condom cookies and condom meat stuffing (yes, really.)

The book was apparently launched as a tool to demonstrate to Japanese men the durability of condoms. Japanese men are noted as the third worst in the world for using protection.


We’re not quite sure how the creators linked a cook book to safe sex, but we’re sure there’s a point to be made.