A Woman Was Handed A Business Card Fat-Shaming Her From ‘Overweight Haters Ltd’ 6 years ago

A Woman Was Handed A Business Card Fat-Shaming Her From ‘Overweight Haters Ltd’

Sitting on your commute into work, for most people, their greatest concern is whether they’re going to make it to the office on time.

Have they remembered to switch off the heating? What’s on the TV tonight?


The point is, you’re probably wrapped up in your own fog of thoughts that morning, and running through tiny little details in your mind.

For one woman, that quiet time was interrupted when she was handed a business card fat-shaming her on the underground this week.

Kara Florish was travelling on the underground when she was stopped and handed a card which was cowardly, hurtful and hateful.

The cards opening lines read:

‘Overweight Haters Ltd.

It’s really not glandular, it’s your gluttony…’


Posting the images to her social media accounts, Kara took to Facebook to address the cruel gesture by an absolute stranger. Asking people to post, share and help end the discrimination, Kara wrote: Image: SLiMG

What is even more disturbing than the card is the opinions voiced on group forums supporting the card and its message.

While most people realise that the card is an act of bullying and shaming, others wrote: fathating

Image: Online forum

It seems Kara wasn’t the only one targeted, with a second twitter user posting this morning: 



We’re sure whoever hands out these cards doesn’t wait around to see the pain they cause.