Lads: Aldi's heated clothes horse is going back on sale this week 1 year ago

Lads: Aldi's heated clothes horse is going back on sale this week

Sorry, now.

In a world of cold nights, brisk mornings, and a summer that we were completely robbed of, there's only thing that could make September entirely bearable.


A heated clothes horse.

And, yeah, the eradication of coronavirus, lowering the price of Freddos, and world peace, but listen guys, we're a while away from those yet. We simply must be realistic.

And if the existence of a heated clothes horse is the best thing that happens to us this autumn, we'll take it.

Aldi's revolutionary (yes) heated clothes airer is going back on sale from this week, and you'd be straight up lying if you said you weren't gasping for one as we hurtle mindlessly towards winter.

Just picture the scene now: you've got a wash on, you're freezing, you're desperately hoping for your clothes to dry quickly so you can get back into them at the soonest instance.

Generally you'll be waiting an age for your bits to dry. Alas, you've prepared for this moment. You've got yourself a heated clothes horse, and all is right with the world.


The clothes horse (which is heated, dunno if we mentioned), contains 20 heated bars, ideal for drying tops, trousers, towels and sheets.

It beats throwing your bits into as tumble dryer where they will likely shrink, and is far more environmentally friendly too.

Aldi's heated clothes horse will set you back the not-that-bad-at-all-really price of €34.99. It was a bit cheaper last year, but hey, it's likely to sell out regardless.

The clothes horse will be back in stores from this Saturday, September 12. Get 'em while they're hot.


Get it? You get it.