An Average Day Told In Clickbait Headlines 3 years ago

An Average Day Told In Clickbait Headlines

One Girl Ate Six Freddo Bars In Ten Minutes And This Is What Happened

Freddo bars are grand, you say. They’re only tiny. Sure have another one there, you’ll barely notice it. Now my body is screaming and I'm one step closer to Type 2 Diabetes.

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Hiding Crippling Social Anxiety- How To Do It Well

Just smile a lot and if all else fails pretend like you know something about a recent sporting event. That always works. COYBIG! (It took me an embarrassing amount of years to figure out what that meant)


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This Dad’s Good Deed Will Warm Your Heart

I begged my father to make me tea and a sausage sandwich until he relented. Bless him.


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How To Transform Kale Into A Delicious Dinner

This is categorically impossible.


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15 Reasons It’s Hard To Be A Brunette Woman

Three little words. Hair. Removal. Cream.


Why You Need To Move Out- Now

My mother is trying to ask me how to set up an email address (It’s her third, she forgot all the passwords.) 'What's a CAPTCHA, Ellen?' Help me.

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How Many Pints Does It Take To Cause A Hellish Hangover? One Woman Has The Answer

It’s three. I’m a weak baby and I am contemplating a DIY energy drink IV. Maybe I will admit myself into hospital for exhaustion. It's tempting.

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The Answer To Why You’re Constantly Tired Revealed!

The answer is the ravages of daily adult life, pal.

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