Apparently different star signs need different amounts of sleep - here's the breakdown 1 year ago

Apparently different star signs need different amounts of sleep - here's the breakdown

Do you think astrology can affect a person's characteristics?

Some folk reckon that it's utter bull while others firmly believe that it has an affect on everything from your personality to how much sleep you need.

Yes - apparently certain signs need more time in bed each night than others in order to be able to function.

Aussie bedding company Bed Threads has done a breakdown of the signs and how much sleep each really needs.


Could the stars really be the reason others bounce out of bed fresh as a daisy after just five or six hours' sleep while you feel like a zombie on anything less than nine?

Maybe, maybe not - check it out and see if your star sign might have anything to do with your sleep needs.



You're ambitious and driven and always want to get loads done in a day. You could get by on as little as six hours to make this happen.



You love t lounge and your bed is your happy place. You could very easily be there for up to nine hours a night.



You struggle to find a balance - sometimes you sleep for just a few hours, other times it's up to nine hours a night.



You're strong, silent and resilient, meaning you need a lot of sleep to maintain your emotional energy.



If you're sleeping with someone else alongside you, you'll get up to seven or eight hours. If you're on your own though you could be looking at very broken sleep.



You're known for being a perfectionist and also for losing sleep to worry or anxiety, meaning you're well used to getting by on six hours a night - but you'd prefer to get more.



You love supporting others - but should make sure you're getting at least seven or eight hours a night so you can charge your own batteries.



In moments of adventure or when planning something big you're happy to get by on just five or six hours but prefer eight when you're in more of a routine.



You love going about things the right way and sticking to a routine, so you'll always be diligent about getting your eight hours.



Your creative mind means it's very hard to switch off at night and get some sleep. You may be well used to getting as few as six hours a night.



A sensitive, empathetic dreamer, you need plenty of sleep to support your emotional intelligence - at least eight hours.