Apparently, if you're proposed to during this time, your marriage will go the distance 2 years ago

Apparently, if you're proposed to during this time, your marriage will go the distance

Doesn't matter anyway, you need to be in a relationship to get proposed to, who cares?

If you do happen to care though, here's what the craic is.


Proposing to someone is a pretty big deal.

It means that they're serious about the relationship, that they want you in their life forever, and that they absolutely trust that you won't ruin yourself at family gatherings.

The ultimate staple of any good relationship, really.

Apparently though, the time that a proposal happens actually says a lot about whether a marriage is going to last or not.

And we don't mean time as in time of day or time of the year - we mean time as in the amount of time that you to have seriously been dating each other.

Because apparently, that makes a difference.

Well, according to Dr Pam Spurr it does anyway.


She says that if a person proposes to their significant other within 18 months and three and a half years of going out, then the marriage will stand the test of time.

She told The Sun:

"The stats show your marriage has a better chance of lasting if you commit in that timeframe.

"Proposing sooner than that suggests a whirlwind relationship which are more likely to fail. Longer than that and he may’ve dragged his feet, not a good sign."

Like, alright fair enough but also... No?


18 months is a painfully short space of time to meet someone and then decide to propose to them. Fair enough if that's what you want to do but surely the vast majority of people who get married wait a lot longer than that.

After all, how well do you really know a person after 18 months?

Probably not well enough, tbh.


Still though, three and a half years is probably a bit more realistic if we're talking people who are in their 30s, 40s, and 50s.

But for those of us who are still in our 20s or, God forbid, our teens, that really just isn't enough time to know whether you want to be with someone forever.

Basically, your marriage will last if you love each other and respect each other and are happy.

That's it.