Are you a bad plant parent? These ones are virtually unkillable 2 years ago

Are you a bad plant parent? These ones are virtually unkillable

Being an aspiring plant mama ain't easy.

You fancy yourself as an eco queen and interiors goddess and after much deliberation and countless hours scrolling through Pinterest, you buy some pretty greenery for your room.


Initially you’re weak for yourself but, like getting a puppy or having a child, it turns out the new role requires a lot of you. Why didn’t anyone tell you this would be so much responsibility? Before you know it, your plant babies have wilted beyond help. Their presence in your home now somehow feels like a metaphor for other, greater failures in your life. You begin to spiral.

But wait - don’t resort to buying plastic ones just yet. Some houseplants are easier to care for than others. Check these out before you write yourself off.




Not only is the aloe plant unreal for treating sunburn and cuts, it’s also super low-key and will only need to be watered every two to three weeks.


Snake plant


This baby has a vibey energy that we love and is also brilliant for absorbing pollutants in the air.




If you’re looking for a splash of colour in your gaff, just pop one of these in a sunny spot and sit back to let it do its thing.


ZZ plant

The Zamioculcas zamiifolia, to give it its full name, is as tough as it gets; so much so that you could ignore it for months and it’d survive – perfect if you can barely mind yourself, not to mind a plant.



Chinese money plant

Believed to bring good luck and prosperity to its owner, the Chinese money plant thrives in indirect light and will usually only need watering once a week.


Moth orchid

OK, this gal will need slightly more care than others (watering every seven to 10 days, special fertilizer) but just look how pretty she is.


Pro tip: set alarms on your phone. It may sound obvious but you'll be far more likely to water/ check in on your plants on schedule.