Best Dressed Lady at Galway Races fights back against trolls who mocked her appearance 6 years ago

Best Dressed Lady at Galway Races fights back against trolls who mocked her appearance

The winner of The Best Dressed Lady at the Galway Races is speaking out about the abuse she has received online since winning the much-coveted title.

Lisa McGowan stunned the crowds in a classic silver and cream ‘A-line’ dress with matching fascinator which saw her bag the €10,000 prize last Thursday.


Best dressed

(image courtesy of Lisa's Lust List via Facebook)

Since winning, Mc Gowan, from Tullamore has been torn apart by online trolls who deemed it acceptable to mock Lisa’s ‘droopy boobs’ and ‘fake Hollywood smile’.

Lisa lashed back at bullies using her Facebook page as a platform and has since seen an outpour of support and encouragement from followers around the country.


She posted this message on her fashion blog’s Facebook page last Sunday.

"Right girls. This is not Fashion related but as I've got a platform on social media, I'm gonna get this off my chest.I've read lots of stuff about me over the last few days, horrible hurtful comments, droopy boob syndrome, should have worn a bra, make up atrocious, tangoed, satellite dish reception, fake Hollywood smile. Oh lads the list goes on. You know what girls I just don't get why some folk have to be so horrible, yep the keyboard warriors have been out over the last weekend and building themselves up by trying to tear me down. I'll be forgotten about tomorrow and some other poor unfortunate will be at the receiving end of it tomorrow. To all of you cyber bullies out there... P*SS OFF AND GET A LIFE, would you like to be on the receiving end? I'm thick skinned and I'm laughing at the good of it, me and my A cups, no chance of them drooping it's me fat ass I'm worried about ???but lots of other girls are more sensitive so F*CKING THINK before you unleash your nastiness on your keypad Self Harm, depression, anorexia, suicide... Yep lots of you HARMING others out there with your comments!!!!!

Thank you to everyone else out there for all your positivity. Girls you rock and that's what my page is about"

Lisa took the ‘keyboard warriors’ to the cleaners in an interview with RTÉ Radio One presenter Sean O’Rourke. She insisted that she was a ‘tough cookie’, and wasn’t allowing the hateful comments get to her. The reason she took a stand against these people, she explains, was to set an example for ‘girls out there that are not as strong as me’.


Lisa opened up further about the inspiration behind her award-winning dress. She told listeners on the Sean O'Rourke show that her dress was called 'Chrissy' after her late brother who tragically passed away in a car accident.

Since going public with the online shaming, Lisa has received floods of support for standing up against bullying which has silenced the haters and proven the power of positivity.