Blogger asks followers to photoshop her 'beautiful' and the results are fairly grim 3 years ago

Blogger asks followers to photoshop her 'beautiful' and the results are fairly grim

Grim enough.

Generally, when you ask people to name some of your physical flaws, they'll stick to acceptable negatives like 'your hair needs a wash,' or 'you need to get your nails done,' or 'your body is just too sick for you to be allowed to hang out with anybody else.'


You know? Standard enough stuff.

Most of the time, people don't usually suggest that you need to lose some weight or get your birth mark lasered off, but that's what happened to a blogger named Lyndi Cohen and it was fairly grim.

Earlier on in the week, she shared a photo of herself on her Instagram page asking users to photoshop the picture to make her look 'beautiful.'

This is the image in question:

And this is how she said people generally photoshopped the image:


Basically, slimmer.

After finding her results, Lyndi took to Instagram to share them and to criticise the fact that apparently, every single person she asked to photoshop the image (all of whom were strangers) made her slimmer.

She wrote:

"I asked a bunch of strangers to photoshop images of me. And without me asking, they all made me slimmer.

"They removed my birthmark from my shoulder. They even made my bone structure smaller. They created an image of what they thought was beautiful and healthy - and the result worries me."

Lyndi said that despite what people had photoshopped her as, there is "nothing wrong" with her stomach or bone structure of birthmark.


She said, however,  that seeing so many photoshopped images had led people to thinking that there is.

"My stomach rolls are not the problem. Our cultures obsession with the thin ideal and photoshop is.

"It’s no longer radical for magazines to include a photoshop free cover or shoot in their magazines. I’d love to live in a world where our media does more and where photoshop is the exception, not the rule."


The blogger's post has been viewed over 18,000 times with many users thanking her for her honest depiction of what "healthy" can look like.