Blogger live-streams her breast augmentation on Instagram 4 years ago

Blogger live-streams her breast augmentation on Instagram

A beauty blogger has come under fire for sharing her breast augmentation live on Instagram.

Ashley Devonna Jones is a Texas-based beauty blogger with a following of 66,000 on Instagram and 227,000 on Youtube.


The 24-year-old went under the knife last Friday for breast implant surgery and decided to give her fans a no-holes-barred look at the experience.

"It was always my intention to share this," she said, according to Fox News.

"I had no idea that it would gain this much traction. But this just gets it to more people, so that it can educate, so that it can get to those who are intrigued and who are interested."

The procedure was streamed live on the Instagram page of her plastic surgeon, Dr Farah Khan.


"It is a new experience," Dr Khan told Pix11.

"It isn't necessarily for everyone, but for her this is the right thing to do. If you've ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in an operating room, this is kind of your opportunity."


The decision to broadcast the procedure for Devonna's fans has been criticised by others within the cosmetic surgery industry.

"As surgeons we use live streaming for training purposes all the time but something like this doesn’t give the whole picture and the magnitude of the surgery and risks associated with implants," UK-based consultant plastic surgeon Afshin Mesahebi told The Independent.

Dr Tijon Esho, who runs a plastic surgery clinic in Newcastle, agreed.

"If it is presented in a form which shows the benefits as well as the risks... then it is a very useful tool," he said.

"However, if the individual’s intention is to sensationalise and simply create a buzz for themselves, this is trivialising a serious procedure which can potentially put many people at risk."


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Ashley has stayed quiet in the face of criticism over the past week and has simply shared a few photos on her Instagram page.