This blogger's before and after acne photos are so inspiring 9 months ago

This blogger's before and after acne photos are so inspiring

Fair play to her.

Kali Kushner is a self-professed fitness junkie, holistic healer, and vegan.

She also suffers from pretty bad acne.

Like many of us who experienced everything from nasty spots to severe facial acne growing up, Kali tried next to everything to help her skin recover.

However, once she started using a specific medicine designed to ease the severity of acne, the 22-year-old finally started to see some differences.

So naturally, she began to document her story on her Instagram account, 'myfacestory.'

One of her first before and after photos shows Kali's progress after just four months of using Accutane - the drug she was prescribed to treat acne.


Already, after a very short time, the difference is considerable.

Kali continued her story every month, detailing her progress and speaking candidly about the trials and tribulations that come with not having perfect skin.

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In this post, the blogger explains how acne has affected her life - positively and negatively.

She says that she knows the condition "sucks" but she also couldn't change her experience for anything.

 "No I'm not crazy!! Dealing with severe cystic acne has made me grow as a person, being a LOT less superficial, less judgemental, and a lot more accepting of those who deviate from the cultural norm in relation to the aesthetics of (current) beauty."

Kali also says she started asking herself why it was deemed "disgusting" to have bad skin.


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After 10 months of using her medication, Kali's acne was hardly visible.

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And now, even though her skin looks incredibly different, Kali says that she's still delighted that her account has turned into "a little community where we can all talk about our skin probs."

"That being said - no matter how clear my skin is, I ALWAYS get a spot or two around that time of the month."

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