You can buy the house from The Silence of the Lambs now - lotion not included 2 weeks ago

You can buy the house from The Silence of the Lambs now - lotion not included

(BYON) Bring Your Own Nivea.

If you're at all familiar with the incredible, scary, and very unnerving The Silence of the Lambs, you will be more than aware of the entirely creepy and terrifying house at the centre of it.

Occupied by the deadly (not in the good way) Buffalo Bull, the three-story Princess Anne Victoria home was site of the killer's lair in the film.

You know, the spot where he did most of his killing, held Catherine Martin hostage, and chatted about lotion a lot.

It's a brilliant movie, made only more brilliant by the incredible set dressing of the gaff in question. A three-story detached family home was turned into one of the most terrifying and iconic spots in horror history. C'mon, don't pretend like you aren't gasping to go check it our for yourself.

And now, you can, because that gaff could be yours for the low low price of just $298,500 (about €252,000). Bargain.

The Silence of the Lambs house recently went on sale in Perryopolis, a town about an hour outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Ahead of the film's 1991 release, cast and crew spent three days filming scenes there, transforming the home into the site of Buffalo Bill's most heinous crimes.

The four-bedroom house remains largely unchanged since that time, apart from some small landscaping and paint jobs.

It's also pretty damn cool inside, in fairness to it.

So, if you were truly looking to live your Jodie Foster fantasy, you know what to do. Go to Pittsburgh, turn off all the lights, drop 250k, and enjoy yourself... Once Covid is over, obviously.

You can check out the house's listing here.