You can now buy a Dublin Bus... and we have a few ideas of what we'd do with it 3 years ago

You can now buy a Dublin Bus... and we have a few ideas of what we'd do with it

Want to buy your very own bus?

Because now you can. Dublin Bus tweeted today that it is selling some of its fleet, and while we're not sure if we could drive something that big (those sharp turns? Nah), but still, it would be interesting nonetheless.


In an advertisement posted on the Dublin Bus website they stated that: "These High Capacity Vehicles underwent extensive mechanical and cosmetic refurbishment undertaken by main Volvo dealer in 2013, and will be available in Dublin in December 2018."

So basically, they're for sale.


No price is mentioned in it and while our bank accounts probably wouldn't allow us to buy one, we do have a few ideas about what we would do if we owned a Dublin bus.

1. Throw a party

House too small to throw a party? Maybe you live with your parents? Or maybe your housemates wouldn't be too happy about a raging gaff going on until all hours when they're trying to sleep. Your new Dublin Bus will sort you out.

2. Drive your mates home after a night out


Especially around Christmas time, when there seems to be absolutely no taxis available, we'd be the sound mate and pick up our friends. Because there's nothing worse than being stranded in town in the freezing cold, right?

3. Drive to work and be able to use the bus lanes

In and out in no time.

4. Live in it


Because, let's be honest... it's probably better than paying €280 to sleep in someone else's bed.