This is the cheapest day to fly this summer and you'll want to hurry up 1 year ago

This is the cheapest day to fly this summer and you'll want to hurry up

Have you booked your summer holiday yet?

If not, you might be interested to hear that the "first half of June" is reportedly going to work out cheaper for airline travellers this summer.

Not only that, the lovely folk at have specified that June 6th is the cheapest day to book your flight.

Yep, they analysed "hundreds of thousands" of airfares to come up with the goods and to be fair, they know what they're talking about.

In conversation with Conde Nast Traveller, the company's CEO Jeff Klee elaborated on why you'll want to consider June for your summer break.

"Summer 2017 is shaping up to be slightly less expensive on average than what we saw in airfare pricing last year at this time".

“It is a nice change for consumers accustomed to ever-increasing prices. The data clearly shows the best value for summer travel can be found the first half of June."

If June doesn't float your boat, then there are a couple of other options too.


Klee said that while July is generally the most expensive month, there are other money-saving options in August and September, with August 22 and September coming up trumps.

If you really really really want to go away in July, then the 4th is said to be the cheapest date but bear in mind that it's likely to be significantly more expensive than other summer months.

Also, when it comes to the day of the week on which you fly, the airline boss recommends Tuesday and Wednesday as the 'best' for affordable prices.

"Tuesday and Wednesday flights are the best value all summer long, while weekend days are at a premium".

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