Chef shares troubling footage of all the plastic he found inside a fish 2 years ago

Chef shares troubling footage of all the plastic he found inside a fish

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Horrifying scenes.


Look lads, we all know what we are and are not supposed to do with our plastic.

We are supposed to recycle the items that are recyclable. We are not supposed to buy excessive amounts of plastic when we could opt for reusable items instead.

We are supposed to keep our non-recyclable plastic in bins, at home, and well away from bodies of water. We are not supposed to throw it in the sea.

The above may be obvious enough to us, but to some people it isn't, because a lot of them are still throwing their plastic caps and other debris into the ocean.

A video shared recently by a chef in Mexico detailed the sad reality of where a lot of the plastic in our oceans ends up - inside of fish.

Ricardo Muñoz Zurita posted the footage of the cut open fish on his Twitter account.

"Please be aware of not using plastic and not throwing garbage in the sea," he wrote. "We are killing Planet Earth, our home."


The video showed Ricardo poking through the fish's insides with his fingers to reveal plastic bottles caps, part of a broken comb, and other pieces of debris that had evidently been discarded in the sea.

Shocking scenes, if you've got a weak stomach.

... Or if you care about the environment at all.


This comes after a sperm whale washed up dead on a beach in Indonesia with 6kg of plastic in its stomach.

The whale had 115 plastic cups, 25 plastic bags, flip flops, plastic bottles, rope, and pieces of tarpaulin inside of its body.

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