Clip of how 'vet treats your pets behind your back' has gone viral 3 years ago

Clip of how 'vet treats your pets behind your back' has gone viral


Pets are the best.


They're adorable, they're fluffy, they're helpful when you're feeling particularly lonely and need someone to talk to you who won't talk back and is also nice to touch and hold.

Vets are the best too.

They're intelligent, they like animals, and they'll save your rabbit's life when they accidentally eat too much carrot and have to have their little stomach pumped.

It's hardly surprising then that when a video of how vets treat your pets behind your back went viral that there was absolutely nothing sinister at all happening in the footage.

Instead, the video showed a vet taking a small cat into the back of the surgery... where she then starts singing and hugging the cat and generally just having a really nice and pleasant time.

A very enjoyable watch, indeed.

Who said that good news was a thing of the past?


This comes just mere days after Noel Fitzpatrick decided to rescue a lost swan in the middle of the street. 

The Supervet ran after the swan flapping his jacket at him on the road before managing to scoop the animal up and deliver him safety back to the water.

It was great.