This company wants to pay you €60,000 to take pictures around Europe 4 years ago

This company wants to pay you €60,000 to take pictures around Europe

This would be the dream.

Imagine just travelling the world, taking pictures and getting paid for it? Your life would be made.


Well, if this sounds like the perfect job for you and you can take some killer photos then you might be in luck because this company wants to pay you to be just that.

Perfocal, a London-based start-up, is on the lookout for an 'InstaScout' who "will be responsible for hunting down the most beautiful and best locations for photography backdrops, for shoots both big and small.

"You'll be expected to work closely with photographers across the country in order to gather the best information on aesthetic, appealing and technical criteria," the job description states.

According to Metro, the job will pay you £50,000 (€57,000) and you will also be able to avail of things like a nap room, a shower room and a tech scheme while you're based back in the office in London.


To further that, your job would basically include:

  • Scout aesthetically pleasing, novel shoot locations
  • Work from briefs to find appropriate locations
  • Work closely with professional photographers and learn from their expertise
  • Travel around both the UK and Europe
  • Ability to work independently and remotely following briefings on assignments

Sounds like the job for you? You can check out more information about it here.