Couples who sleep in this position have more sex... apparently 1 year ago

Couples who sleep in this position have more sex... apparently

Do you sleep like this?

It turns out the way you sleep in the bed beside your partner suggests how much sex you are having. It's not something we've ever thought too much about but, apparently, it does. It's all down to the exact position in which you sleep.

The folks over at Mattress Advisor commissioned a survey of 1,000 people, who are in relationships, to find out if couples who sleep in certain positions have more sex, what the most (and least) favourite cuddle positions are and how this affects relationship satisfaction.

What they found is that couples who sleep facing each other, with their limbs intertwined, have the most sex. Sounds a bit uncomfortable, if you ask us.


The next position, which indicated more sex, is spooning, followed by one arm wrapped around the other person, and then one person half lying across the other.

Furthermore, while women do like being close to their partner at night, they ranked taking on the 'big spoon' as their least favourite sleep position, while men's least favourite position of all was lying on their backs with their partner lying on top of them.

The survey also found that 96 percent of couples who feel well-rested say they feel satisfied with their current romance.

Ultimately a good night sleep alongside your partner leads to a happier relationship, so keep that in mind next time you fight over the duvet.