Do you 'over-date'? Relationship expert says it could be ruining your love life 2 years ago

Do you 'over-date'? Relationship expert says it could be ruining your love life

Are you constantly going out on dates?

Try to fit a few in every month? Or every week?


Well, this expert says that it could be ruining your love life, or in other words - finding The One.

Mel Schilling, psychologist and consultant for eHarmony and popular relationship show Married At First Sight, has warned that with so many dating apps it's too easy to set up a date, and date multiple people at the same time.

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I find that sometimes people who are 'overdating' are trying to hide from something. It can be a great distraction from everyday life.


"So maybe if you notice yourself doing this, take a little time out, reflect, and really think about what it is you want,” she told 9Honey.

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“Disposable dating can be very confusing, and in fact, can close you off to opportunities for longer-term relationships."

Instead, Mel suggests taking time to figure out what you really want, and putting more time into flourishing relationships, rather than multiple flings. This way, you can get a real idea about what you want your relationship future to look like.


But sure, if you're dating and enjoying yourself, you do you girl.