Dealz is selling a portable BBQ that costs literally six quid 2 weeks ago

Dealz is selling a portable BBQ that costs literally six quid

Excuse me?

Whether we like it or not lads, it's summer.

Well, it's May, so technically it's late spring but the weather has been class enough so let's just go with it.

The rain has stopped, the evenings are long, the cans are not on the canal because we've all been doing our best to social distance, but still.

We're making the best of things, and that's all anyone can do. That, and buy yourself a portable BBQ for six quid, maybe.

Dealz have done everyone a solid this social distancing summer and introduced a portable BBQ that'll only set you back the price of a coffee in Dublin city centre.

Portable BBQ, €6.00

The BBQ is compact, it's easy to get going, and it only costs €6.00, so if you bring it somewhere and accidentally forget about it, sure look, it was six quid. You'll be fine.

Naturally, we shouldn't be bringing our BBQs anywhere but our own back gardens for the foreseeable future, but the size of this machine means that it's also handy for storing when not in use, and won't take up a whole load of space in your back garden, shed, or gaff.

Burger press, €1.50

If you fancied picking up a few BBQ bits for the summer though, Dealz have also got burger presses, BBQ utensils sets, and condiments sets, all for just €1.50.

Inflatable beer cooler, €3.00

There's also an inflatable beer cooler (above) in the shape of - you guessed it - a pint of beer for three quid. What novelty.

You'd be sorted for less than a tenner, like. Wild.