Dining Al Fresco is about to get SUPER pricey in Cork 6 years ago

Dining Al Fresco is about to get SUPER pricey in Cork

Calm down brunch bandits, we're talking about the business side of things... poachy prices will stay the same (THANK GOD).

A 'sunshine tax' is threatening to curtail Ireland's booming cafe culture in Cork. The city and county councils are looking to hike streetside catering charges by a sizeable amount.


Pubs, cafes and restaurants currently pay €50 for outdoor tables and chairs as well as €10 for streetside advertising.

According to the Independent under the new regulations an annual fee of €125 for every table and four chairs would be charged, outlets would also have to hand over a whopping €635 fee for street signage. A further €100 fee is charged for licensing.


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It wouldn't be year round, which offers some relief, Cork City Council and County Council, insist it would be on a seasonal basis - most likely May through September.

Local authorities in Dublin, Galway, Kilkenny, Waterford and Limerick are keeping an eye on the project and they could follow suit.


We at Her think it should be calculated by EACH day of sunshine. So the lovely proprietors would only have to fork out the cash two or three times a year, on the gloriously infrequent sunny days.

Nobody likes wet eggs.