DIY straightening treatment left this Irish woman almost without her hair 6 years ago

DIY straightening treatment left this Irish woman almost without her hair

This is every girls worst nightmare.

And sadly, all too relatable. Imagine having a head full of long luscious locks one minute and then the next, they’re gone. Some home beauty treatments can absolutely work wonders, but others, as was the case here, can end in disaster.


Amanda Stuart was left almost bald after she bought a hair straightening kit from a pharmacy in Florida. The Belfast woman and mother to the winner of Miss Teen Galaxy Ireland 2016 was visiting the Sunshine State with her daughter who was taking part in a beauty pageant.

After using the product, Amanda took to Facebook in a panic looking for advice,

“Help!!!I bought a treatment in Florida to relax my hair, I know I have very thick curly hair but when I started to rinse it it just fell out! Please what do I do to stop this, need advice I am sitting with conditioner on it frightened to rinse it may have nothing left! Panicking!”

hair 1



(image via Facebook)

As you can see, Amanda lost a substantial amount of hair after using this treatment.

Surprisingly, Amanda was sold this treatment in a pharmacy in Florida. The pharmacists even tried to sell the Belfast woman a stronger solution to the one she purchased. She is now warning women to be vigilant about the beauty products that they buy.


Speaking to Belfast live, she said

I shouldn’t have done it myself but I trusted the pharmacy staff-she said she used the stronger solution on her own hair. I even checked to see if it was OK to use on coloured hair and they confirmed it was.

It was a mess, a total mess. I have naturally blonde hair but had colour in there too. Now anywhere where the colour was has burnt off.

It literally came away in my hands. I put on the treatment and followed the instructions to the word. It all seemed to be OK until I started washing it and clump after clump just came away.”

Amanda has since visited her local hairdressers who have taken care of her damaged barnett. Let this be a lesson to all the ladies out there.