Dog receives 'animal OBE' for stopping potential attack on Barack Obama 2 years ago

Dog receives 'animal OBE' for stopping potential attack on Barack Obama

The best boy there ever was.

Those among us who have dogs will be aware of the vast array of lovely things that such creatures can do.


They can sit. They can beg. They can ensure that you feel wanted and loved after a long, hard day simply by running in your general direction when you enter your home.

And, on the off chance that you're also the president of the United States, they can also potentially save your life.

The best lads.

The dog in question is a United States Secret Service dog named Hurricane, and he managed to stop a potential attack on the then-President's life back in 2014.


The Belgian Malinois took down a man who jumped the White House fence and began sprinting towards the area where Barack and his family were situated.

Hurricane ran after the man and apprehended him (as much as dogs can), until Secret Service officers were able to take him into custody.

The culprit had tried to kick Hurricane off him but the dog persisted in his mission and saved the Obamas from any potential harm.


Officer Marshall Mirarchi, who has become Hurricane's adoptive dad, said that he is "so proud" of what his dog achieved that day.

“Hurricane was such a legend within the Service. He loved working and his talent for the job impressed me every single day," he said.

“That night, he stepped up and delivered under circumstances that no amount of training could prepare him for. I have never witnessed such violence toward a dog before but it didn’t stop him from doing his job."


Hurricane retired from the Secret Service in 2016.

He and Mirarchi travelled to London last week to receive the 'animal OBE' or as it is otherwise known, the PDSA Order Of Merit.

Well deserved, tbh.