Eight Times We Were Embarrassed To Be Irish In 2015 3 years ago

Eight Times We Were Embarrassed To Be Irish In 2015

Scarlet for our mas for having us.

Although there was plenty to be proud of in 2015 in terms of being Irish, like the overwhelming Yes vote in May's referendum or the time those lads pulled the donkey out of the lake in Killorglin, there were also some incidents that were frankly mortifying to witness as an Irish person.

You can read the list through your hands if it helps with the shame.

'Do You Have The Wiffy Code?'

Senator Fidelma Healy-Eames gave us all a good laugh in the chambers of the Seanad with her outstandingly terrible mispronunciation of 'Wi-Fi' as 'wiffy'. It's at times like these we should be grateful Leinster House has cameras. Think of the stuff older generations missed out on.

We're blessed, really.

The Spire Lightsaber

Let's get one thing straight first of all: the stunt itself was very cool, and it made the Spire look actually decent for once. However, according to The Sunday World; those in charge at Dublin City Council let Disney use the Spire for free, whereas a similar stunt with Nelson's pillar in London made the city authorities a sweet £24,000. You'd think we would have asked for a fee. Scarlet.

DUBLIN, IRELAND - DECEMBER 16: The Spire on O'Connell Street was transformed into one of the World's largest lightsaber models standing at 398 feet on December 16, 2015 in Dublin, Ireland. It was constructed ahead of the release of the new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens and the lightsaber will remain lit for two weeks over Christmas to promote the film. (Photo by Clodagh Kilcoyne/Getty Images)
Source: Getty Images

RTÉ Investigates

This investigation lifted the lid on the sheer insanity that is Irish local politics and the nasty kernel of corruption that exists within it. The cute-hoorism was off the charts, and it made for some very uncomfortable and embarrassing viewing. Politicians failing to disclose other properties, demanding bribes, the list goes on.

What's worse is that these people were actually elected by the Irish people. Oh dear.



Enda Kenny Being Left Hanging By Obama

We all know that Obama has an air of coolness that is unequalled, so this video of him obliviously leaving Enda hanging as he attempts a handshake is breathtakingly embarrassing. Yet we cannot look away.

The Most Offensive Stag Do To Ever Hit Prague

A stag do you think, oh brilliant. What kind of fun things will I get up to in Prague with the lads? What would provide the most #banter?

I know...how about we roam around Prague very near the Jewish Quarter sporting Hitler masks?! All thirty of us! Fantastic."

This actually happened. According to the Examiner, the Corkmen:"... verbally abused locals who raised objections; slapped  female staff on their buttocks; and launched into a tirade of sexually offensive comments."

What a bunch of charmers.

Source: ask.fm

The Minion That Shut Down Traffic

Remember the giant inflatable Minion that brought traffic chaos to the Old Swords Road in Santry? Who knew our basic infrastructure could be derailed by a giant inflatable cartoon bean.

'Jack Nicholson' Visits The Ray D'Arcy Show

You think Jack Nicholson and you say to yourself: ' Oh deadly, that's a great guest for a little Irish show like this, how did we book him?'. The reality is the most mortifying thing that was broadcast on Irish television this year. First of all, it's not Jack Nicholson, it's a (frankly poor) impersonator. Second of all, we can sense Ray's embarrassment just from watching this at home.

The cringe is real and strong. I can't believe this is where our TV licence money goes.

Sheep Dung Spitting

This July saw Irvinestown in Fermanagh play host to a 'sheep dung spitting' contest.  The following tweet will give you a feel for what kind of contest it was. What is this country?

Here's hoping we can redeem ourselves next year...