Life | 4 years ago
Eleven Annoying Things About Wearing Bras That Men Will Never Understand
They're just so... annoying.

Let's be fair, if we didn't have to wear a bra, 90% of women probably wouldn't. Unfortunately, we do and there are certain occasions when it certainly adds a certain, shall we say, lift to the entire outfit. But still, don't we just hate them? Here's why...

1. They HURT!

Unless you're wearing a bra that has cups like the cushions of the Gods, they are bloody restrictive. Most women can't wait for that moment when you get home and you can rip it off. FREEDOM!

2. The Wire

When that wire breaks, there is no pain like it on earth. It's almost like it is trying to deflate your breasts.

3. The Airport Security Test

Just how much metal is in that bra? Well, you will find out in the airport. Embarrassing strip search anyone? I HAVE TO WEAR THIS THING! 

4. The No-Sports-Bra Problem


Sorry, I can't walk that fast. I am not wearing a sports bra. It does make sense...

5. The Cup is too high

Away for the weekend and brought a nice dressy bra with a nice dressy top? Yes, we have all been there... but you have never tried them on together. Now you have a problem, you can see the bra in all its glory. It's just too high for the top. Disaster.

6. The Cup is too low.

Or what we like to call, The Eyeful.

7. The Tight Back Conundrum

You tried on the bra and it was beautiful but you never tried it on with the dress you were planning on wearing. Nor did you look at the back.... OH MY GOD, WHAT IS GOING ON WITH MY BACK?!


8. The Second Boob Problem

Yes, that bra is too tight. For the love of God, I've only got a black bra now and a white shirt. That's better than the second boob problem though.

9. Eyes in the Back of my Head

We don't know about you, but we certainly can't see our backs. Luckily, we have perfected the art of tying our bra straps without looking at them. 

10. Falling Straps Fiascos

There is literally NOTHING worse than a falling bra strap. There are you are, walking down the street, fixing your underwear in plain view of everyone. Just... charming.

11. Bra Shopping

If you're small, you will never find one small enough. If you have larger boobs, you will never find one big enough. No one likes getting measured either. The entire affair is just a horrible experience.