Eleven Things Only Irish People Do With Their Food 9 years ago

Eleven Things Only Irish People Do With Their Food

It's not until you are abroad that you realise as a nation, we are both spectacular and a little strange. There are certain things Irish people do with food that they may not necessarily do abroad. Let's face it, it's not really that normal but it tastes amazing...

1. Crisp sandwiches.


This is a largely untapped market here in Ireland considering the amount of people who like to put crisps in their sandwiches or indeed, make just a crisp sandwich. You can't beat one after a night out.

2. Hot cornflakes.

Cornflakes, little bit of milk, into the microwave, bit of sugar... Strange looks from those outside of Ireland...

3. Butter on sandwiches.


Bit of butter, bit of ham, bit of cheese... but you can't forget about the butter.

4. Butter on vegetables and potatoes.

Dinner time! Get that butter out! It goes on everything...

baked potatoes opened and buttered


5. Butter on biscuits.

Like we said, everything. You can't beat a Rich Tea biscuit with a bit of butter.

6. Coddle.

Explaining to a non-Irish person that you boil sausages and rashers for a type of stew is pretty funny. Just watch those faces.


7. Red Lemonade

It literally does not exist outside of Ireland, but is the most necessary mixer in the world.

8. Flat 7Up

No other nation would dream of taking all of the fizz out of a fizzy drink....



9. Chocolate in crisps.

An art which Tayto perfected.

10. Breakfast Rolls

There have been several failed missions abroad involving an attempt to find any shop that does a breakfast roll. There has to be sausages, rashers, pudding, eggs and that important ketchup.

11. Curry Cheese Chips

Curry? And chips? With cheese? Yes, it is a national delicacy.

12. Pig's Feet

Boil them. Honestly, it happens.

Honourable Mention

The Edible Garden

Most other nation's just use meal times to eat, not the Irish. We like to create replica gardens in our food or at least one particular Her.ie member likes to make one. You have to have a mashed potato hill with a broccoli on top, that's a tree. Then you need to get your fork and rake the ground around it. Edible garden. Yes.