How a jeweller can con you on your engagement ring 2 years ago

How a jeweller can con you on your engagement ring

Engagement rings and the traditions around them are as flexible as ever in the 21st century.

One thing hasn't changed though; they don't come cheap.

Some couples are willing to split the price or find other ways to keep costs down, but everyone wants something that is special, no matter what you're paying.

It's one thing dropping a large sum on an engagement ring but it's another to be conned out of money and quality when buying it.

Engagement ring specialist Anna Sheffield told Metro exactly what jewellers do in order to claim an extra few zeros from you and what to be wary of.


An independent gemological laboratory verifies clarity and weight and "if you are buying a ring with a modern diamond, it's best if the stone is certified which outlines the unique details of the cut and colour, making sure the quality of the diamond is easy to identify."


Deals? Sure, we love a good deal, especially on something as expensive as an engagement ring. Right? Wrong.

Sheffield warns that if the jeweller you're dealing with is willing to spare you a couple of hundred quid - or at best, a grand - it's a sign that you may have sacrificed "some level of quality that the salesperson didn't quite explain."


"I always suggest asking about the origin of the stones, where the jewellery is made etc. Many of our customers don’t know to ask, but some do, and they are all happy to learn about our commitment to using reclaimed melee, antique stones where possible, and recycled gold," explains Sheffield.

There you have it - the big three to look out for if you're putting a ring on it.